Crafting Compelling TV Commercials

Poundstrecher, a leading marketing agency, partnered with Poundstretcher, a renowned UK high street discount retailer, to create a series of captivating TV commercials. The commercials focused on the storey of Danielle and Dave, a couple who won the lottery but chose to remain loyal to Poundstretcher, highlighting the brand’s real value for money offerings. This case study showcases how’s creative expertise and strategic storytelling contributed to the success of Poundstretcher’s advertising campaign. collaborated closely with Poundstretcher to develop a creative concept that resonated with the target audience. The central idaea revolved around Danielle and Dave, a relatable couple who, despite winning the lottery, continued to shop at Poundstretcher due to the brand’s exceptional value for money. The aim was to highlight Poundstretcher’s ability to provide quality products at affordable prices, appealing to budget-conscious consumers.

Once the concept was finalised,’s creative team meticulously storyboarded each TV commercial, ensuring a cohesive narrative that would engage viewers and convey Poundstretcher’s brand message effectively. The team meticulously selected locations, props, and actors that accurately represented Danielle and Dave’s storey, enhancing the authenticity of the commercials. oversaw the entire production process, including filming and editing. The commercials were shot with high-quality equipment and a professional production crew, ensuring the visuals were visually appealing and captured the essence of Poundstretcher’s offerings. The post-production phase involved editing the footage to create seamless transitions and optimising the commercials’ duration for maximum impact.’s copywriting team carefully crafted the scripts for the TV commercials, employing strategic storytelling techniques to engage viewers emotionally. The messaging emphasised the couple’s loyalty to Poundstretcher, showcasing their genuine appreciation for the brand’s affordability and value for money. The commercials also highlighted Poundstretcher’s diverse product range, emphasising the retailer’s ability to meet various consumer needs without compromising quality.

To maximise the commercials’ reach, collaborated with Poundstretcher to strategically select airtime slots on relevant TV channels and platforms that aligned with the target audience’s viewing habits. The agency’s media buying team negotiated favourable deals to ensure optimal exposure and cost-effectiveness for Poundstretcher’s advertising campaign.

Poundstretcher’s TV commercials, created by, resonated strongly with the target audience. The storey of Danielle and Dave winning the lottery but remaining loyal to Poundstretcher showcased the brand’s commitment to providing real value for money. The commercials garnered significant attention, resulting in increased brand awareness and footfall at Poundstretcher stores. The campaign effectively positioned Poundstretcher as a trusted and affordable retail destination for a diverse range of products.

Through their collaboration with Poundstretcher, successfully created a series of compelling TV commercials that highlighted the retailer’s real value for money offerings. By employing strategic storytelling techniques, meticulous production, and strategic media placement, contributed to the success of Poundstretcher’s advertising campaign, capturing the attention and loyalty of budget-conscious consumers across the UK.

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