Building an On-Demand E-commerce Store for Frank Porthouse’s Art Brand,

frank z art

We successfully partnered with renowned British artist Frank Porthouse to create an on-demand e-commerce store. The objective was to provide Frank with a digital platform, accessible through, to sell his unique merchandise and expand his artistic reach.

The collaboration between us and Frank Porthouse resulted in the development of a visually captivating and user-friendly online store. The primary focus was to maintain the artistic integrity and personal touch of Frank’s brand while ensuring a seamless purchasing experience for customers.

The e-commerce store designed by offers a user-friendly interface, allowing visitors to navigate effortlessly through the website. The store showcases Frank’s artwork, enabling art enthusiasts to explore and purchase merchandise easily. A customisation feature was also integrated, enabling customers to personalise their chosen products, adding a distinct and personal touch to each purchase.

To ensure the security of transactions, we implemented a robust and secure payment gateway. This feature guarantees a safe and reliable payment process, enhancing customer confidence and satisfaction.

Recognising the importance of mobile accessibility, we ensured that the e-commerce store is fully responsive and optimised for mobile devices. This allows customers to browse and make purchases conveniently, regardless of their preferred device.

The collaboration between and Frank Porthouse has provided an effective solution for the artist’s e-commerce needs. The on-demand e-commerce store developed by has empowered Frank Porthouse to showcase his artwork to a wider audience, expand his brand presence, and generate revenue by offering merchandise tailored to art enthusiasts’ preferences.

Overall, our expertise in web development and their commitment to understanding Frank Porthouse’s artistic vision has resulted in a successful e-commerce store that aligns with’s brand identity, while also meeting the demands of an online retail platform.

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