Boycie in Belgrade

a holistic film campaign 

Boycie in belgrade

This case study showcases the comprehensive campaign executed by for the release of the documentary film “Boycie in Belgrade.” The campaign encompassed various aspects, including launching merchandise products, building a dedicated web store, creating captivating film artwork, managing global public relations, and handling social media management. The film received a cinematic release and is available on popular platforms such as Sky Store, ITVX, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and more.

Launching Over 30 New Merchandise Products collaborated with the documentary team to develop an extensive line of merchandise products that aligned with the film’s theme and target audience. The agency handled the end-to-end process, from product ideation and design to sourcing and manufacturing. The merchandise range included clothing, accessories, collectibles, and more, creating additional revenue streams and enhancing brand visibility.

Building a Dedicated Web Store
To facilitate online sales of the merchandise products and provide a seamless user experience, designed and developed a dedicated web store for “Boycie in Belgrade.” The web store showcased the merchandise collection, incorporated secure payment gateways, and implemented user-friendly features, resulting in a smooth purchasing process for customers.

Creating Captivating Film Artwork’s creative team crafted captivating artwork for the film, including posters, banners, and promotional materials. The artwork effectively conveyed the essence of “Boycie in Belgrade,” capturing the attention of potential viewers and generating interest in the documentary.

Managing Global Public Relations
Recognising the importance of global exposure, managed the public relations efforts for “Boycie in Belgrade” on a global scale. The agency strategically targeted relevant media outlets, organisedpress releases, secured interviews, and facilitated media coverage to generate buzz and increase awareness about the film.

Social Media Management developed and executed a comprehensive social media strategy for “Boycie in Belgrade.” This included managing social media accounts across various platforms, creating engaging content, running targeted ad campaigns, and fostering community engagement. The agency’s efforts aimed to increase the film’s online visibility, drive audience engagement, and generate organic traction.

The collaboration between and the “Boycie in Belgrade” documentary team yielded significant results. The launch of over 30 merchandise products generated substantial revenue and increased brand recognition. The dedicated web store provided a seamless online shopping experience, contributing to higher sales conversions. The captivating film artwork enhanced visual appeal and attracted potential viewers. The comprehensive public relations efforts generated widespread media coverage, expanding the film’s reach and generating interest from global audiences. The social media management strategy increased online visibility, fostered audience engagement, and contributed to a growing fan base.

Conclusion’s holistic campaign for “Boycie in Belgrade” showcased the agency’s expertise in various areas of digital marketing. Through launching merchandise products, building a dedicated web store, creating captivating film artwork, managing global public relations, and executing social media management, the agency contributed to the success of the documentary’s release. The campaign effectively positioned “Boycie in Belgrade” for success, ensuring its availability on leading digital platforms and maximising its reach among the target audience.

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